Demonstration of the Little Helper Cart at Bartlett Tree Expert arboretum.

This cart is being used by Arbormasters in Shawnee Kansas. They bought our first cart.


This is the Little Helper Cart mounted on the front of our chip truck. We currently have front bumper mounts available for International 4300 and 4700 trucks.


Here is a picture of the Little Helper Cart with the sockets for the pipes for the brush attachment. This is how you would use it while loading large chucks of wood.

This is the cart with the pipes slid on for used with brush. Simply slid the pipes on and you are ready for brush.

The next three pictures show the cart hauling brush with the brush attachment.

"I'm Paul Eltschinger and I've worked for the inventor, Mr. Schonberg for several years now. He believed this cart could help others, and I do to. If you've got anything heavy you want to move, this cart is for you"
Little Helper Cart
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