dimensions (transport position): 32-1/2 inches wide x 38 inches tall x 70 inches long
weight: 245 pounds
tires: 13 x 6.50 x 6, pneumatic, 4-ply, tubeless, turf type, 16 oz. stop-leak in each tire
maximum speed: 3 miles/hour (264 feet/minute)
maximum load limit: 800 pounds
frame: welded structural steel
engine: EA-500: 51 cc Echo, 2 cycle, recoil start
drive: automatic clutch and roller chain
brake: disc-caliper, hand applied with park position lock
throttle: hand applied


The machine can be loaded in the upright position (best for heavy pieces) or in the recumbent (transport) position for lighter items. An extendable arm stabilizes the machine in the upright position.

The front wheels are free-turning on roller bearings. The rear wheels are driven by a solid shaft mounted on heavy duty bearing blocks. The solid drive gives the machine stability when driving on ramps. Steering is accomplished by lifting slightly on the handle and rotating the machine. Because the load is well positioned over the wheels for good balance, this steering motion can be accomplished easily, even with heavy loads. The short wheel base distance of 14 inches further simplifies the steering process. There is no reverse drive gear. The machine can be hand pulled backwards or simply turned around by the above-described steering method. A hand brake is there to aid in stopping, just in case.
"I'm Paul Eltschinger and I've worked for the inventor, Mr. Schonberg for several years now. He believed this cart could help others, and I do to. If you've got anything heavy you want to move, this cart is for you"
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