Our Powered Dolly
Welcome all of you hearty souls who make a living trimming and/or removing trees wherever they grow, under extreme heat, cold, or icy conditions. You've seen it all because our work place is the great out-of-doors. America is a better place because of what you're doing. Congratulations.

For all you urban tree service specialists, have you ever wondered how something so large can be in such a small space? And it's up to you to remove it. We've worked some of the same situations you have, and like you, have tried to figure out the best way to get it done. Back yard tree removals, especially those with limited access and those that slope down from the street, killed us. Many ideas have been tried and scraped on the road to something useful to help in this situation. From this, the "Little Helper Cart" was born. Through continued interest in it, we decided to manufacture it and make it available to people fighting the battle of a large tree in a small place when it all has to come out to the street. Be careful, and God bless you.

--Philip Schonberg

Check out the Photos page to see our new front bumper mount and brush attachment.

PS. If you are considering buying a mini skid steer or a mini loader for backyard removals contact us first, our cart is easier on lawns than a mini skid steer or loader and has faster cycle time from loading, offloading, to return. You will save a ton of money over a skid steer without compromising productivity.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions:

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"I'm Philip Schonberg and tree trimming is our business. We've had Schonberg's Tree Service for a number of years and this little cart has helped us up many a hill."
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